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Hot Air Oven (Basic)

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ESAW INDIA manufacturers of Hot Air Oven.

Hot Air Oven is a specially designed test chamber used for treating and testing of various chemicals, product samples. Sterilization of glassware in laboratories is also an important use of Hot Air Oven which is performed at temperatures up to 250°C. A hot air oven elaborates various intricate test parameters of product samples involving minute changes in physical characteristics as well as its chemical composition.


  1. Temperature up to 250-degree celsius.
  2. Inner chamber of anodized Stainless Steel elements on three sides.
  3. Conventional Dials for temperature control.

The outer structure of a lab hot air oven is constructed of mild steel / stainless steel depending on the application and preference of the customer. Generally, ovens exposed to high humidity conditions or microbiology labs are made up of stainless steel, as it will not get rusted due to humid environment and in the microbiology lab, it will help avoid any contamination which might arise from the fumes of exterior paint applied on stainless steel models. The body of a hot air oven is constructed using strong seamless welding and in mild steel body models, it is covered with a thick layer of epoxy polyester paint. This provides a strong, heat and scratch resistant surface resulting in a long lasting attractive finish. Internal chamber (including the doors) of the lab hot air oven is fabricated from high-grade stainless steel to achieve maximum strength and long shelf life.

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