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Muffle Furnace (Digital- Industrial)

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Lab Muffle Furnace fabricated with 304-grade Stainless steel outer body using digital temperature controller cum indicator for impeccable temperature control. These laboratory muffle furnaces are designed to heat the specimens up to 1200°C. Generally the most common laboratory furnaces have a maximum working temperature 1000°C. Applications of a laboratory furnace are a key factor to evaluate the working temperature range requirement. The most vital characteristic to be considered when choosing a laboratory furnace is its maximum working temperature which needs to be in accordance with the application. Insulation is also an important factor to be taken care of for the efficient working of the lab muffle furnace. It is relative and proportional to the working temperature of the furnace, the higher the maximum temperature - heavier the insulation thickness must be. The outer body of the furnace has a thick epoxy coating paint to give it an immaculate and aesthetically desirable appeal and also to enhance the shelf life of the equipment on being operated at elevated temperatures.​


  • Fitted with Digital Indicator and Controller.
  • Maximum Temperature of 1200 Degree Celsius.
  • The setting of Temperature is thru Digital Outlay.
  • Superior Build Quality

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